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Hip-Nosis Starring Justin Tranz

Justin Tranz

Performing now at O'Sheas Casino adjacent to the Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas!

Justin Tranz has made hypnosis hip. He has taken the "stage hypnosis show", and soared it into a new dimension in entertainment, setting a new and higher standard, untouched by his compadres.

Like other great comedic entertainers, Tranz goes to the outer limits of adult comedy with his outrageous, uncensored shows. His thorough command of mentalism, magic and mesmerizing mind control, will leave you spellbound. He will feed you from his pot of raw, boiling humor and then marinate you with extreme outrageousness. Just like a surgeon, Tranz skillfully operates on your psyche, fears and funny bone, with the power of suggestion. He has a twisted razor-sharp wit.

His uncensored shows have left sold-out audiences limp with laughter. Tranz has revolutionized, reformed and remodeled live entertainment. He places a stranglehold on the audience that no one can escape, skillfully enlightening and entertaining them on how the "Power of Suggestion" (hypnosis) can easily unleash their latent talents and creativity. In less than a second, willing participants from the audience are placed into a very highly suggestible state of mind (hypnosis), put into comical situations and sent on exciting adventures.

This fast-paced show will keep everyone entertained, mesmerized and laughing from the word "go" to the last second. Tranz is captivating, charismatic and capable of anything. An unusual and special feature of the shows is that no two are alike because the participants are taken directly from the audience. The differences in personalities take the show in uniquely different directions every night. If you see the show once, you will feel compelled to see it again.

Hotel: Flamingo Las Vegas
Times: 9:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 pm on Saturday

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